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Teenage Justice!
Real Name James Wilson Jr.
Current Alias Turbo
Aliases James, Junior, Turbro
Relatives James Wilson Sr. (Legal Father)

Maya Wilson (Mother)

Nicholas White (Biological Father)

May Ruse (Half-Sister)

Nathaniel White (Half-Brother)

Affiliation The Hoodz

The Star Syndicate Star Syndicate International

Base of Operation S.O.L.

Wilson Home; Sol County, NY

Alignment Good
Identity Secret
Citizenship American
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student


Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Universe (1127-1996-B)
Place of Birth Sol County, NY
Creator William Duroseau

James Wilson Jr. (aka Turbo) is a fictional superhero who appears in the series Turbo: Teenage Justice. The character was created by Will Duroseau and with collaboration from Tristan Jones; which the character has since been expanded upon. This page specifically covers James Wilson of the "Jones Canon" (1127-1996-B).

History and BiographyEdit

Origins Edit

Different from the "Duroseau canon" Turbo's origins start from the day he was born. Born prematurely from his parents James Wilson Sr. and Maya Stevens Wilson on June 21st,1996; James was immediately put on life support and on the verge of death. That is until James' father, desperate and out of options, went to an old colleague of his and begged for his help. Dr. Nicholas White. White out side of the limits of the medical field, accomplished what was considered nearly impossible and brought James from brink of death. By using a mixture of his own DNA and an "unknown chemical" he replaced the ineffective genes that were hindering James', his father's. The DNA replacement erased James Wilson Sr.'s genes from James' genetic code and replaced them with White's thus making White his new biological father.

As to not cause conflict, White withheld the process he used to save James from his family. James family as well also kept the information of his premature birth from James. That is until the events of Season 1 that lead to the creation of his super hero identity.

Season 1 Edit

James doesn't have a real vigilante experience until a Halloween party he was invited to when he is 14. Dressing in his own custom made costume, which would later go on to become his superhero costume. James planned on showing up late and surprise everyone. The party was however was taken over by a Star-Child Gang called the Fire-Starters. James arrived confused to see all his friends taken hostage by the gang. The Fire-Starters unfortunately spotted James and then proceeded to chase and jump him.

They planned on burning him alive with their fire powers but once James got exposed to the fire nothing happened. It didn’t burn, it didn’t hurt it felt like nothing, the gang terrified by his immunity panicked, and James took the opportunity to chase them away with his staff.

This event prompts James to become a local vigilante after his heroism is featured in a local newspaper.

James soon becomes a decently prominent vigilante in Sol County under the alias "Turbo". Which in turn catches the attention of local gangs and Sol County entrepreneur and inventor Lionel Craig. James' heroics also inspires other Sol County citizens to become vigilantes as well. Of these new vigilantes is one of James' class mates Darren Adams under the alias "Buzzsaw". While reluctant of his vigilantism at first James soon becomes accepting of Darren's efforts and the two become allies.

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