"The inception of heliovarius into Sol-County's population my lead to potentially the second greatest advancement the world may ever know. "
―Dr. Nicholas White

Star-Candy is the source of all the extraordinary powers in Sol County. Created by Dr. Nicholas White and spread throughout the county by Richard Pierce. It's responsible for the creation of numerous notable meta-humans and the S.O.L. This article will cover the origins and results of Star Candy in Turbo Universe B.

Origin Edit

Heliovarius was a chemical White himself had found a decade earlier on his many international travels. The closest thing he could find to an origin of the chemical was a plant he found in the mountains of Tibet. When grounded the plant produced a strange liquid, which in White’s own words “Glowed like a star.”  During his time in the Tibetan mountains he had mixed the chemical with his rations and during exposure to the chemical White stated. “I was unsure whether it would kill me or make me stronger. In this business you have to be willing to die for your work. I still count my blessings that I didn’t.” White reported enhanced physical functions of his mind and body as well as adaption to the mountains environment. He took interest in the chemical and scrounging up as much of the plant as he could White returned back to his lab in Sol County and began test to reverse bio-engineer the chemical.

After 7 years of hard work he finally succeeded in doing so. After reporting his findings the government began testing the limits of heliovarius and found that test subjects ton the drug when exposed to stimuli gained super human abilities. The drug remained relatively restricted to government labs until a rebellious test subjects lead by Richard Pierce escaped a facility with gallons of the chemical in tow.

Pierce began to spread the chemical around the youth of Sol County by putting a drop of the chemical of blotting paper. The drug’s taste, which was reminiscent of honey and the colorful star symbol it made on the blotting paper created the slang term for the drug Star-Candy. Word of mouth spread around the local schools and even to other counties and soon star candy spread statewide. White and other government officials soon apprehended Pierce but he had already spread his supply of heliovarius. Due to the effects of heliovarius inside of the drug, cases of superhuman abilities were reported and this lead what was known as the Stellar Renaissance. As the children displaying these unique abilities were dubbed “Star-Children”. The spur of Star-Children cases lead to one of the biggest media booms of the century. All to soon Star-Candy’s effects became common knowledge and lead to many eager people to testing its effects to multiple stimuli. Countries worldwide tried to get hands on the drug and it origins. But due to the secretive quantity and origins of the drug this seemed very unmanageable.

The result of the Star-Candy boom was very mixed. Some cases were reported to result in the death of people who tried foolish experiments while others reported no results at all. The results were not all uneventful on the other side of the spectrum people began using common means to gain powers. Such as exposing themselves to heat, electricity, water, bullets blunt force etc. After four years the boom continued and superhuman abilities became second nature for most people in Sol County. However further any scientific testing was proved impossible for nongovernment scientist. Under orders of his higher-ups White continued his testing in his own lab the Superhuman Organization Lab or S.O.L. This lead to creations of “higher” super humans through heliovarius such as Richard Pierce’s “ReVamp Persona” May Ruse and Super Power Inhibiting Nerve Agent or better known as the S.P.I.N. Bullet. Which nullifies the Star-Candy’s superhuman effects.

Connection to Turbo Edit

Born Sol County better known as the city of the Sun. James Wilson Jr. was born prematurely on the verge of death. Until his father pleaded with his old war buddy Dr. Nicholas White to help his son. White reluctantly agreed and worked tirelessly to help James and actually succeeded after replacing James' detrimental DNA with his own. Inadvertently making James his biological son and filling his body with a passive dose of heliovarius the main ingredient in the soon to be popular drug Star-Candy.

Yet the applications of Star-Candy don’t come back around to James Wilson until a Halloween party when he was fourteen. Dressing in his own custom made costume James planned on showing up late and surprising everyone. The party was however invaded by a Star-Child Gang called the Fire-Starters. James arrived confused to see all his friends taken hostage by the gang. The Fire-Starters unfortunately spotted James, chased and jumped him. They planned on burning him alive with their fire powers but once James got exposed to the fire nothing happened. It didn’t burn, it didn’t hurt it felt like nothing, the gang terrified by his immunity panicked, and James took the opportunity to chase them away with his staff. This was the beginning of Turbo…

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