"But the world does not revolve around us. In fact, existence expands beyond our own imaginations, past all boundaries and all limits."
―Dr. Nicholas White

The Turbo series revolves around the theory both outside and inside of the general plot and story of multiverses or multiple storylines. On the inside of the story Turbo and many of the other characters have to deal with conflicts and matters outside of their universe. Comparatively, on the outside there is more than one official storyline of Turbo, actually officially being 2 different storylines. The Duroseau canon and the Jones canon .

The Formula Edit

Discovered by the team efforts of Malcom King, Nicholas White, James Wilson and SNS Labs. The standard formula for naming a world and dimensional travel in Turbo is as follows.


In this formula X represents the continuum and Y represents the specific world. A continuum refers to a specific group of universes. For example , 1127 is the Turbo continuum. For every continuum there is an infinite number of realities represented by Y. For the sake of simplicity and clarity we do not go beyond four of five numerals.

Y values are refereed to as parallels, the physics and "realms" are not consistent. Some parallels have their own afterlife realms, while some have none. In the case of the "Gospel of the Odysseys" or "S.O.B!!" continuums each parallel encompasses Earth, Hell, Heaven and the several other realms such as Olympus or Asgard. The sub-realms have no individual identification within their respective parallels.

Parallel 1996 is the "canon" or "normal" version of the continuum. These are the parallels that the story usually follows but that is not always the case.

Generally speaking, the events of one parallel usually have no effect on nearby parallels. These parallels are alternate realities so familiar characters may not be so familiar. These characters exist separately from the normal canon, so if these character experience certain changes or events, such as death then it has no effect on the actual canon.

General Rules Edit

There basic rules of dimensional travel. One of which are it is easier for a dimension hopper to move between continuums than parallels. For example it is easier to move from 1203-0212 to 0107-0212 than to move to 1203-0212 to 1203-0213. This is one of the reasons why crossovers between continuums are decently common while parallel crossover are much less so.

Some worlds are just naturally unstable and tend to form easier bridges to compatible worlds. These tend to be problem worlds and bridges between them are more likely to form. Continuums 1127, 0106, 1203 and 0410 are notorious for this to the point where not only their alternate realities seem to crossover but their canon parallels as well.

Turbo Continuum Edit

The Turbo continuum is a very special case. The continuum's canon parallel has an oddity of being split in two. These two continuums seem to follow a similar temporal and share a number of similarities as well as differences unique to each others respective paths. These two paths have been dubbed:

The Duroseau Canon (1127-1996-A)

The Jones Canon (1127-1996-B)

These two canons while on the outside seem to share many similarities actually have a large set of differences. For the sake of time and simplicity here is short list of differences that will be expanded upon in their own specific pages.

  • Turbo's powers and abilities
  • The Origin of Star Candy
  • Numerous characters and locations
  • Numerous character relationships (ex. Turbo and White's)

These differences somehow don't allow the two branching timelines to become one combined parallel or split up into two different parallels. This abnormality is uncommon in continuums and parallels and the possible outcome of it is unknown.

Notable Continuums and Parallels Edit

Turbo: "The Duroseau Canon" (1127-1996-A)

Turbo: "The Jones Canon" (1127-1996-B)

Turbo: "Turobo" (1127-1203)

Turbo: "Girlbo" (1127-0802)

Gospel of the Odysseys: "The Whiskey Canon" (0106-1995-WI)

Gospel of the Odysseys: "The Jones Canon" (0106-1203)

Star-bound: (1203-1996)

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